Young people share what has helped them after a bereavement

Young people share what has helped them after a bereavement

I enjoy playing sport because it made me feel happy when I feel down.

Having adults I can talk to. Sometimes it’s difficult to talk to dad, but there’s a teacher at school I can go and talk to.

Reading other people’s stories has helped me understand that how I am feeling is normal.

Finding things that make me smile or laugh and remembering that it’s ok to be happy.

Meeting others who have also had someone die – I felt very different when I went back to school after dad’s suicide – no-one else knew what this was like and they looked at me differently.

Knowing that it’s ok to have fun. It was hard at first because I felt guilty if I started laughing at something. But it felt really good when I started playing football again and going to parties. It doesn’t mean I’ll ever forget my brother.

It helped me to learn more about why dad died – from a heart attack. I thought it would happen to me as well but now I know what to do to have a healthy heart.

Mum died when I was quite young and I used to think I was forgetting her. When I talked to Gran and my dad and we put things of Mum’s together in a memory box it felt much better.

Talking about my dad without worrying about upsetting someone else.

Show people how you are feeling. They can’t even begin to support you if they don’t know how you feel. It could be as simple as saying ‘I’m sad today please can I have a hug’. Don’t be afraid to seek support, people will want to help.

My friends make bad jokes to cheer me up.

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