Teigan’s story: Mother’s Day is different every year

Teigan’s story: Mother’s Day is different every year

Teigan shares how she feels about Mother’s Day after her mum died when Teigan was 12:

I think Mother’s Day is different every year. Sometimes it can be a truly difficult day, where it is extremely poignant. Whereas other years, it seems like a regular day and you don’t feel particularly sad. I think that the years where I didn’t feel that sad, I would feel guilty that I didn’t.

I think it is important to remember that just because it is labelled as ‘Mother’s Day’, it doesn’t mean that you have to be sad. Grief is not linear, you will never just be sad about missing that person on anniversaries or special occasions. Times of grief are sometimes unexpected, and don’t have to be measured by a date in a calendar. For me I think of my mum every day, in fleeting moments, some are happy memories and some are truly very sad.

Mother’s Day can of course bring a huge focus on the fact that your mum is not around. I sometimes try and not look on social media on this day as I think it can be hard to see others with their mothers. Mother’s Day is a time to appreciate your mum, so I think it is important to try and do this. Putting flowers on her grave, looking through photos and remembering her is a way you can appreciate her when she is not here.

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