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Rap duo release tribute song to mum who died by suicide

Rap duo release tribute song to mum who died by suicide

Australian rap duo ‘Take Two’ have released a new song and video in tribute to their mum, who died by suicide. The young people, who lost their mother just six weeks ago, wrote on their Facebook page:

“As most of you know, with great sadness we have taken time away from our music as we deal with the loss of our beautiful mother just six weeks ago.

Time definitely won’t heal us but we have learnt to grow stronger and will continue to do so for our little brother and father’s sake. One thing our mother loved and held so dearly to her heart was how proud she was to be called “Take Two’s Mum”.

We’ve contemplated a lot, physically and emotionally when the right time shall be to return to music and most importantly express ourselves on our mother’s behalf. We are well aware this will take time and one song might not ever be enough – but we will learn as we go.

Thank you for your support and understanding you guys have shown throughout this hard time, one thing Mum always taught us was to not give up no matter how hard times will get.”


If you have been bereaved by suicide, or any other type of bereavement, and want to talk to someone, email us on ask@winstonswish.org or use our online chat.

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