Our podcasts share the stories of people that have experienced a death. Whether it is a young person talking about how they came to terms with their grief or the Winston’s Wish team sharing their advice for bereaved families, we hope you find the podcasts helpful.

Episode Two: My Brother Simon

In Episode 2 of the Winston’s Wish podcast, Dom Smith is joined by journalist Jonny Sharples, who lost his brother Simon to suicide. Jonny and Dom discuss the impact that Simon’s death had on his family, how Jonny learnt to cope with his grief and men’s mental health.

Episode One: Going Back to School

In Episode 1 of the Winston’s Wish podcast, Dom Smith and Laura Scott discuss going back to school after a bereavement. After a death, a child’s emotions can be difficult to deal with and as a result, school can be tough. We discuss various coping techniques, ways to adjust and discuss some families’ experiences.