Listen to young people from different backgrounds and experiences have honest conversations about their grief and their feelings in our Grief in Common podcast.

What is the Grief in Common podcast about?

Grief in Common is a podcast run by the Winston’s Wish Youth Team. The topics of conversation aim to provide comfort and make a difference to other young grieving people over the age of 13. We hope to give listeners the confidence to talk about their own grief journey.

It’s rare to be able to listen to other young people being open and honest about their grief and how they’re feeling. We hope this podcast reaches young grieving people everywhere and helps to make them feel less alone. From teenagers to young adults, students to young professionals, we’re all different but we’ve all got Grief in Common.

Who is the podcast for?

If you’re aged 13 or older and have experience of grief, then Grief in Common is the podcast for you. The hosts are all members of our Youth Team, aged 13-25 and all have their own unique grief journey and experience.

Why is it called Grief in Common?

Just as every person is unique, so are their experiences and grief journeys. We’re all different, but we’ve all got grief in common. In each episode, you’ll learn about each person’s experience and story. In conversation, our hosts and guests will talk about what they have in common and what is different about their grief. We hope to learn what unites us as well as learn from each other’s differences.

How often will there be new episodes?

We plan to release two episodes every month. Subscribe on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Amazon Music, so you never miss an episode! Click the buttons below or search for ‘Grief in Common’.

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