10 tips for coping with grief

10 tips for coping with grief

Remind yourself that what you are feeling is a natural response when someone important has died

Everyone grieves differently because everyone is different. Grief is as individual as a fingerprint

It’s OK to feel sad, angry, confused, worried, guilty, exhausted, relieved and so much more. And it’s also OK to enjoy yourself

Finding ways to express your feelings can help them feel less overwhelming. Sometimes it helps to cry; sometimes it helps to shout; sometimes it helps to just sit and be

Find someone who really listens to what you are thinking or feeling (and doesn’t try to tell you what they think you should be feeling)

Take a moment to remember something about the person who died: you may have all sorts of memories

Talk about the person who died to people who also knew them and to those who never met them

Also remember you can choose when you talk about what has happened and who you talk to

Every day is different some days you can only think about the person who died; some days you might think about them only a little bit. Both are OK

Look after yourself: find something to do that makes you feel good

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